Lighting Designer

Biography // Paul Chambers

Paul graduated from John Abbott College in the Professional Theatre Program, specialization in Design in 2005. While still enrolled he begins designing lighting & scenography for many Montreal english independent theatre productions. From 2005-2007, Paul works at F.A.C.E. school as a designer, technician & coach, continuing a legacy of creating impressive professional stage designs to accompany youth theatre.

His first lighting design credit for dance came with the inauguration of the first edition of Wants & Needs popular event Piss in the Pool (2005). From 2008 until 2013 Paul is Technical Director at Tangente: a contemporary dance presenter in Montreal. In his five year tenure he coached 16 emerging technicians and began collaborating as a designer on numerous dance productions.

Teaching workshops has also been an important part of his development as an artist and mentor. At Studio 303 he teaches a yearly lighting design workshop for emerging artists. A course he has also taught for En Piste, & QDF. In 2013 along with fellow designer & educator David-Alexandre Chabot, they inaugurate CHA a design collective aimed at creating & sharing design based works with artists across different disciplines. What unifies CHA's body of work is the way that it communicates with people, each production challenging the audience to place itself at the center of the proposition and to experience it from within. Paul is continually studying and exploring in the visual arts, where he blends his passion for lighting with in-situ & gallery based installations. Full CV available upon demand.


CHA Collective

  • Moving Pictures (2015)
  • The Death of the Incandescent Lightbulbs (2014)
  • The Machine (2013)
  • Breakaway (2012)
  • Division (2011)

Public Recordings

  • Out of Season (2015)
  • The Most Together We've Ever Been (2009)

Lara Kramer Dance

  • TAME (2015)
  • NGS (2013)

Maria Kefirova

  • Nutcracker (2014)

Thierry Huard

  • Genesis (2014)
  • Testé & Approuvé (2011)

Katie Ward

  • Infinity Doughnut (2014)

Susanna Hood

  • The Muted Note (2014)

Sarah Bild

  • Plus Vrai (2013)
  • The Keifer Trio (2011)

Destins Croisés

  • Liens (2016)
  • Loops (2012)
  • Reflection (2011)
  • Futur Proche (2010)


  • La Chute (2013)
  • In Mixed Company (2013)

Amélie Rajotte

  • Carnaval (2014)
  • The Squirrel & the Mirror (2011)


  • CHORUS II (2013)
  • Because We Can (2007)
  • Piss in the Pool 1 (2005)

Catherine Lavoie-Marcus

  • Singeries (2016)
  • Schizes sur le Sundae (2013)
  • Asephales (2011)

10 Gates Dancing

  • Facets (2015)